About us

Polaris Studios LTD is an award winning Photography, Print & Design Studio established in Columbus, Ohio since 1997. PolarisStudioPrinting.com is a web ordering portal where Real Estate Professionals can easily order and reorder printed products 24/7. All our products come with a 100% full guarantee – If you don’t love your order we will redo it at our cost or simply return it for a full refund.

Our Team

Paul Lagno
Owner/Marketing Director

Paul sold the third largest studio in Omaha Nebraska in 1995 and started Studio Polaris in 1997. He has a passion to honor God in all he does and is very active in helping people of faith to support Israel. He lives in Clintonville area with his wife Joyce and 3 dogs. After years of shooting medium format film cameras I have always shot with the Canon 1DS series. Now we also have the Canon 6D mostly for the video options.

Ed Marshall

Rhonda Marshall